The search for a mooring place, stability, a home, and a space in which one can grow is a theme for people all over the world. Where is this place? And what could it be? If it is no longer one’s place of birth, then what is it?


The documentary film “Drifting” brings together individuals with refugee or migration fates through a process of artistic exchange. Migrants from Afghanistan, Armenia, Cameroon, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Ghana, Hungary, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, as well as students with an uncertain residency status, come to speak.

Migrating Site 2011

Transformation by translation is the basic principle of this artistic project. Inhabitants of the Münsterland, a rural area in the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, are invited to create a video which is built by applying rules of a game like »Cadavre Exquis« or better known as »Chinese Whispers«.

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