Publications from 2006-2008

Selected publications

  • Schild, Margit; Hufschmid, Elvira (2008): Conflicts remain liable, in: Art and Culture, No. 4, December, Vol. 14, pp. 8-9. (in german)
  • Gstach, Doris; Schild, Margit (2007): Time factor: Temporary Landscape Architecture, in: Federation of German Landscape Architects (eds): Transitions. Contemporary German Landscape Architecture. German landscape architecture price 2007, Basle, Boston, Berlin, pp. 124-133.
  • Havemann, Antje; Schild, Margit (2007): You Can Use My Tights. Or: The Phenomenon of Temporary Solutions, in: Landscape Research, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 45-55, February 2007. (in english), (download PDF 1,5 MB)
  • Havemann, Antje; Schild, Margit (2006): Urban Open Spaces in Hannover. A guide to new Landscape Architecture, Edition Garden + Landscape. Munich 2006. (in german)
  • Havemann, Antje; Schild, Margit (2006): About the sustainability of the temporary or what remains when nothing remains? in: dérive – Magazin for urban research, No. 23, April, Vienna 2006. (in german)

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