trans.ver 68.

A transformation process of artistic works from 1968.

With works by VALIE EXPORT (performance), Sarah Haffner (painting),
Wolfgang Hufschmidt (music), Helke Sander (film), Klaus Staeck (visual arts). An exhibition project in collaboration with „Art.iS – Kunst im Spreeport, Berlin“. Exhibition: Sept 11th – Okt 23rd 2008.

Curated by Julia v. Hasselbach, Elvira Hufschmid and Dr. Margit Schild.

Transformation or conversion processes are basic elements of artistic creation. The translation process from one work to the next is a central moment in a creative process of strategic transformation as new works derive their impetus from the work of a another person. According to this idea the effect of an art work on subsequent artists can be made visible, if artistic transformation is applied as a strategic game.

The concept calls for politically and artistically complete freedom of working. From affirmation to rejection, all reactions are equally welcome. The protagonists enter into a collective creative process and reflect the impact of politically motivated artistic work from 1968, that influenced later generations. Their work discusses the relevance of contents and objectives of this political movement today.

Category: art

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