Stille Post! (Broken Telephone!)

11 Disciplines, 22 Weeks, 33 Transformations

An exhibition project in cooperation with University of the Arts Berlin and Karl Hofer Gesellschaft (Karl Hofer Society) Berlin, 2006

»Stille Post!« describes an interdisciplinary art project in which 11 artists and academics from various disciplines engage in a 22 week long process of dialectic response and covert communication. 33 works were created within this communication process wich took place from the 17th to the 25th of June 2006 in the „Neuen Galerie“ of the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Berlin.

The rules and regulations of the game have been translated into an artistic work process. The protagonists left their work to be transformed by the other participants. The principle of tranformation and mutual commentary appeared as a constitutive technique for generating the »new«. »Stille Post!« has proved to be a form of search and invention, which unfolds in a process of answering to each other.

Category: art

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