»Keeping mum! Chinese Whispers in the office«.

von Margit Schild
Video 16 min, 2009, Hanover, Germany

An artistic transformation process at the »Department of Environment and Green Areas«

Hanover, Germany in the context of »Mind The Park«

The art project involved the participation of thirty employees of the Fachbereich Umwelt und Stadtgrün [department for environment and green spaces in the city] in a process of artistic transformation. The drawing produced by the head of department in answer to the question: “What is a garden?” was the starting point for the employees of the planning office who individually worked on said drawing before passing it on to the next person. The inspiration for their step of the process each participant in this game took was based entirely on their predecessor’s work. The time limit for the realisation of follow-up associations and assumption was three minutes. Every stage of the process was captured on video in individual frames and eventually worked into a film showing the transformation process in fast motion.

Participants: employees of the department for environment and green spaces in the city, Hanover

Keeping Mum video (excerpt)
Category: art

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