Flight and Migration. 14 People in a Portrait.

Filmmaker Margit Schild, Germany 2015.
Cinematographer: Jan-Malte Enning

The film uses artistic process to approach the life of people with a migration background.

The documentary film “Drifting” brings together individuals with refugee or migration fates through a process of artistic exchange. Migrants from Afghanistan, Armenia, Cameroon, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Ghana, Hungary, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, as well as students with an uncertain residency status, come to speak. Furthermore, the son of a refugee from East Berlin and survivors of Pinochet’s regime report about their experiences and show what moves them. The film observes how pairs of participants improvise and jointly produce drawings on the wall and floor of a room in succession, sequentially answering each other’s drawings and in this way reporting on their experiences. These spontaneous images accompany the narrative; linked in the film, they open their own dramaturgy of changing perspectives.

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